Real Talk - Senior High


For: Senior High School students

Program length: One class period (45 minutes to an hour). An additional class period is necessary for those interested in our two-day program.

Class size: Real Talk is most effective in smaller settings where the program has some relevance to the class material (ie. Sex Education/Health classroom)

Classes per day: As many as there are of the same grade

Annually: Each year we visit the same grade to avoid repetition

Cost: None, but donations to First Choice are welcome. 

Program Discusses:

    • Day One
      • The difference between great sex and bad sex
      • The most common STDs in the United States
      • Teen pregnancy and its effect
      • Emotional impact of pre-marital sex
      • The lasting impact of memories
      • Personal testimony from the speaker
      • Interactive role playing for students to get involved
  •    Day Two
    • Goal setting and how decisions made today will affect those goals
    • Impact of peer pressure in making decisions
    • Positive and negative influences in life and their impact on goals
    • Real stories of consequences that come from pre-marital sex
    • The challenges of teen pregnancy
    • The value of marriage
    • Secondary Virginity
    • Advantages of waiting for sexual activity until marriage

Some of the schools hosting Real Talk Sr. are:

  • Bayonne High School
  • Bogota High School
  • Central High School - Newark
  • Chatham High School
  • Columbia High School
  • Cranford High School
  • Dickinson High School - Jersey City
  • Dwight Englewood High School
  • Eastern Christian High School
  • East Orange Performing Arts High School
  • East Side High School - Newark
  • James J. Ferris High School
  • Jefferson High School
  • Kinnelon High School
  • Lakeland High School
  • McNair High School
  • New Milford High School
  • North Bergen High School
  • Pascack Hills High School
  • Pascack Valley High School
  • Roxbury High School
  • Seton Hall University
  • Snyder High School
  • Watchung Hills High School
  • Wayne Valley High School
  • West Milford High School
  • West Morris Central High School

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What Students Are Saying

"I think this message should be delivered to different schools so that no teen can make a bad mistake that will change their future. I also learned to not be drunk at parties or there will be bad mistakes made at parties."

"I want to follow your example and wait to get to know my boyfriend and wait until we are in a very committed relationship before we have sex. Thank you for coming and being honest with us."

"Thank you for coming to Ferris High School. I enjoyed your whole presentation and I would like to visit the center to talk with you more."

"I really liked how you showed us reaching your goals was difficult when you have pressures on you but when there are no pressures on you and you just go straight to your goals you reach them."
Student, West Morris Central High School

"Today's presentation taught me that it is better not to be sexually active and to wait until I am ready to take on the responsibilities of sex. Now I realize that it is better to hang out with people for who they are and not for what they do."
Student, Kinnelon High School

"You have been with us for only two days but you taught us so many things. You helped us so much to see what our future is going to be. The lessons you discussed these past two days were really inspirational. I will always keep your words not only inside my head but I will also treasure it in my heart."
Student, Ferris High School in Jersey City