Real Talk - Junior High


For: Seventh and Eighth grade students

Program length: One class period (45 minutes to an hour)

Class size: Real Talk Junior is most effective in smaller settings where the program has some relevance to the class material (ie. Sex Education/Health classroom)

Classes per day: As many as there are of the same grade

Annually: Each year we visit the same grade to avoid repetition

Cost: None, but donations to First Choice are welcome.

Program :

  • How sexual activity effects the whole person and not just the body
  • The most common STDs in the United States
  • Teen pregnancy and its effect
  • Relationship qualities in friendships and also romance
  • Setting goals and making choices with the future in mind
  • Personal testimony from the speaker
  • Interactive role playing for students to get involved

Some of the schools hosting Real Talk Jr. are:

  • Bogota Middle School
  • Clifton Middle School
  • Luis Munoz Marin Middle School, Newark
  • Passaic Middle School
  • Montville Middle School

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What Students Are Saying

"The lesson you gave these two days was the best and those were the words I needed. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend now and some things I didn't know how to say or work out with him. But now, I do, so thank you so much. I am really, really, really thankful for your words coming right on time!"

"Thank you for coming and teaching us better choices to make for the future."

"This presentation was great. I am certainly not going to have sex before I'm married. Or use drugs and alcohol because I want to be in full control of what I am doing."