Real Talk


This year, over 8,000 students and parents in 34 schools and organizations will participate in Real Talk.

In addition to providing accurate statistical information, Real Talk's interactive style and object lessons are designed to show students how sex involves the whole person. In our student presentations, speakers engage the students and challenge them to consider the benefits of delayed sexual activity until after marriage regardless of their previous choices. Scenarios are created for teens to think beyond the present and make the choice that will most benefit their future. In our parent presentation, we educate parents on the latest media trends and help them understand how to combat the sexual messages that are sent to their children.

What we hope for:

  1. Teens who value and respect themselves and their peers; teens that understand how being sex-free protects the entire person; and teens who have a hope for their future and relationships.
  2. Parents who are equipped with the tools and confidence needed to engage their teens in discussions about sexual purity. 

What others have said:

"I think this message should be delivered to different schools so that no teen can make a bad mistake that will change their future. I also learned to not be drunk at parties or there will be bad mistakes made at parties."

"I want to follow your example and wait to get to know my boyfriend and wait until we are in a very committed relationship before we have sex. Thank you for coming and being honest with us."

"I learned that I need to be upfront with my boyfriend about my limits in our relationship and that I have the power to say no to having sex even if we already had sex. I also learned I need to watch out for putting myself in situations where it will be hard to say no to having sex."

"Thank you for coming you gave me a lot of good information and changed my mind. I trust you and would ask your opinion on things in the future. I was going to give up being a virgin at 18 because of everything that is going on but now I am sure it is going to be after marriage. So, thanks, you really effect me in a good way and thank you for sharing your personal life with us."

"The lesson you gave these two days was the best and those were the words I needed. I am in a relationship with my boyfriend now and some things I didn't know how to say or work out with him. But now, I do, so thank you so much. I am really, really, really thankful for your words coming right on time!"

"Thank you for coming and teaching us better choices to make for the future."

"This presentation was great. I am certainly not going to have sex before I'm married. Or use drugs and alcohol because I want to be in full control of what I am doing."

"Thank you for coming to Ferris High School. I enjoyed your whole presentation and I would like to visit the center where Sandy works so I could talk to her more."

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